Fri February 05 2016
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FLYIN-May 2004
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It's nice to be able to share the experience you have gained with a new owner or builder. Below are profiles of a few builders who have been through it all. Click on each name to view pictures and info about that builder.

Ed D'Antoni - Calgary - Avid MK-IV with HKS
Paul Havill - New Zealand - Heavy Hauler 912S
Mark Kunz - Bandit with 503 on skis
Jim McKenna - Avid Catalina with Rotax 912S
Mark Schindler - Avid MK-IV with Jabiru 2200
Roger Bailey - Avid Magnum with Lycoming O-290
Virgil Stucker - Avid Magnum with Lycoming
Tom Bramich - Avid HH with 582
Sid Hausding - Avid Speedwing
Tim Loehrke - Avid MK-IV with Jabiru 2200 - project
John Wright - Avid MK-IV with Jabiru 2200
Chris Bolkan - MK-IV HH with 582
Michael D Ricketts- MK-IV HH
Rolf Nossum - Norway - Avid on floats, skis or wheels as needed - Rotax 582
Nick Paggiaro-Italy - MK-IV HH
Stewart Hunsaker - MK-IV Speedwing with Soob engine
Mike Moneyhan - Magnum - Lycoming IO320 170HP
Joanne Heckmann - Model C Aerobat/Mark IV
Ron Schick - Avid Bandit
Steve Weston - Avid Aerobat with Jabiru 2200A
Russ Scherer - Mark IV HH with Rotax 582 - Building
Pat Doane - Avid Mark IV/STOL Wing - re-engine with C-85 Continental

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