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Air/Vapor Lock

Dear mark
I am Nico van Dijk, living in the south of     Spain and owner of a stol avid flyer EC-YFP. Engine Rotax 582
After flying approx 25 hours total in this     plane, I had a engine failure at take-off. I immedeately did cut the engine     power and could brake in time. The engine remained running. After checking     about everything, I could not find any problem. In order to be more sure,     took the carburetters apart and cleaned them. Nothing found, no water,     everything very nice and clean. Checked for water in the fuel again,     nothing. Checked the free flow at the position of the fuelpump, approx 0.7     Litres/minute, ok.
So I mounted a fuel pressure meter and a     fuel level alam at the header tank and tested the engine at ground, all     OK. I did take-off again, EG temp ok, power ok worked very fine. A week     later I flew at 5400 RPM and had en other engine failure in air. Did cut the     engine wich remaied running at 2000 RPM and looked for a place to land.     While doing that, I saw the fuel pressur rising to normal, opened the engine     slowly and could return to the airfield.
There I tested everything again and found the     problem, air or vapor lock.
From the wing tank I had a small fuel     valve from Aircraft Spruce number 05-0104x mounted in the line going to the     header tank. There is an other of such fuel valves for panel mounting in the     panel in order to prevent that the carb’s flooding when parked for a long     time.
During a test run, I saw a vapor or air bubble     underneath the fuelvalve between the wing tank and the header tank. This     bubble did not pass the fuelvalve and did completely shut-off the fuel flow.     After a few minutes, the fuel level in the header tank lowered and my alarm     went off. I knocked the airbubble wich bit by bit started passing the fuel     valve. As soon as it was gone, the fuel started flowing and the level in the     header tank was restored.
I checked the main tank end the fuelvalve for     debris, were perfectly clean. So I took the fuelvalve apart and… surprise.     The connections are 5 mm interior, but the valve has only a throughput hole     of 3.15 mm (half the expected flow!), leading to the vapor lock problem. The     bubble and the fuel can’t pass each other in this small hole. I mounted a     fuelvalve with a througput hole of 6.5 mm and the problem was gone.    
But there is an other such valve in my panel.     So also vulnerable to Air / vapor lock. In order to prevent that I am going     to mount a Facet pump (low pressure!!) near the output of the header tank so     the rest of the fuel system is a little pressurized.
I contacted Aircraft spruce about this. I     explained, but no results yet.
I think that the fuelvalve should have     throughput hole the same size as you can see at the connections. This     situation is dangeroeus and a vapor or air lock can happen any time. When     selling fuelvalves, the seller should advertise the throughput     hole!!!
Kind regards

mark 4

I have a mark4 for sale no engine, speedwings, both landing gear,as Parts only no airworthness certification current. Has trailer no plates. live in northern calif if interested email me at [email protected]

Original Avid Company for sale!

Just thought I would throw it out there….I know that the original Avid company is for sale.  I have alot of details about it.  Everything is still intact from several master planes, parts, parts jigs etc.  it is all there for the taking!  I have seen all this in person. Who’s interested in this thing coming back to life?


Dean Wilson’s Explorers

Does anyone  know if and where plans for Deam Wilson’s Explorer and Explorer II can be purchased?

Would be a shame for these designs to disapear.

Thanks for any and all help.

Serial number

A friend bought an Avid heavy hauler, I assume it is a C model.
We are unable to find a serial number in the manual.
Any suggestion on how to find it?


avid catalina

looking for a 912 engine mount, for catalina 989-728-3684, Thanks Doug

Avid Bandit for sale

PRICE REDUCED…95% complete, MK4 heavy hauler wings with single tank, electric-trim, 582 Rotax never run,3-blade prop, full Lotus floats with all rigging to mount to Avid…$23,000.  Will sell airframe separate.  Let’s talk (850-384-4467)


Hi Guys, I have recently purchased and avid speed wing, and want to consturct a covered- in trailer for it.
Is there anyone out there who has built one, I would be interested in dimentions, and how you got on for side clearance etc……….thanks

Turning 582 up the right way

Looking at buying and rebuilding a crashed stol flyer with 582,seems like a lot of avids in this area have had probs with siezing the rotary valve in the upside down engine.Is it possible to tip the engine up the other way and retain the same thrust line

Avid C Aero Bat with 582

Does anyone have experience with radiator mounted on the fire wall and  if that setup works very well?  I just bought this “C” model and the previous owner put the radiator on the bell of the aircraft.  I would like to return it to its original configuration, if it works.  Contact me [email protected]