Mon February 08 2016
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What's an Avid

The company Light Aero Inc was the original name of Avid Aircraft Inc when it was owned and run by Dean Wilson. When Dean sold Light Aero to Charlie DeRego, Jerry Matison (owner and founder of Airdale LLC) and Jim Tomash they changed the name to Avid Aircraft Inc. It was around late 1989 and shortly after they moved onto Caldwell airport.
The Avid Flyer was designed by Dean Wilson from a request to design an ultra light for an acquantance who was looking for something differant. By the time Dean finished the design, it was bigger and heavier than an ultra light. It was designed around a 50 hp two-stroke Rotax and weighted around 500 pounds with folding wings which was to become the trade mark of the Avid. Dean named it the Avid Flyer.

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